From the very beginning of the Lodge, the wives were faithful supporters of their husband’s endeavors and, thus, began the Ladies’ Auxiliary known as “Middlesex Elks Ladies” to be referred herewith as “The Ladies.”

The Ladies had their own slate of officers. Mrs. Joseph (Alice) Luongo was the first elected president, and she was the trailblazer for those who followed.

The Ladies supported The Lodge through fund raisers, worked side-by-side with the men on various events. It must be acknowledged that The Ladies were always recognized and appreciated for their assistance. One of the major fund raisers was the Friday night dinners where the House Committee would cook outstanding dinners and The Ladies would waitress. All tips were donated to the Handicapped Children’s Funds.

After the delegates to the 1995 Grand Lodge Session voted to approve admitting women as well as men to membership, many Elks Ladies decided to become members of the Lodge, and, subsequently, the Middlesex Elks Ladies was dissolved.

Ladies who served as President

Mrs. Joseph (Alice) Luongo, 1965-1966

Mrs. Winston (Sis) Kee, 1966-1967

Mrs. Walter (June) Ryan, 1967-1968

Mrs. William (Jean) Toth, 1968-1969

Mrs. Joseph (Kay) Jairdullo, 1969-1970

Mrs. Joseph (Jean) Hanna, 1970-1971

Mrs. Anthony (Laura) LaCamera, 1971-1972

Mrs. Thomas (Stephanie) Crivello, 1972-1973

Mrs. Samuel (Marie) DeLario, 1973-1974

Mrs. Frank (Virginia) Palazzi, 1974-1975

Mrs. Francis (Isabelle) Steele, 1975-1976

Mrs. Lawrence (Carmella) Neal, 1977-1978

Mrs. William (Carol) Henryck, 1978-1979

Mrs. Robert (Marie) Wolff, 1979-1980

Mrs. William (Nancy) Healey, 1980-1981

Mrs. Gerald (Shirley) Halloran, 1981-1982

Mrs. Thomas (Pauline) Halloran, 1982-1983

Mrs. Ernest (Jean) Schroeder, 1983-1984

Mrs. Lawrence (Carmella) Neal, 1984-1985

Mrs. Jerry (Lena) Memolo, 1985-1986

Mrs. Joseph (Helen) Green, 1986-1987

Mrs. William (Carol) Henryk, 1987-1988

Mrs. Arthur (Jennie) Herner, 1988-1989

Mrs. Joseph (Helen) Green, 1989-1990

Mrs. Anthony (Dorothy) Parente, 1990-1991

Mrs. Ernest (Jean) Schroeder, 1991-1992

Mrs. Joseph (Helen) Green, 1992-1993

Mrs. Alan (Kathy) Buffardi, 1993-1994

Mrs. Joseph (Emily) DeScenza, 1994-1995

Mrs. John (Linda) Fernandez, 1996-1997

Mrs. Antonio (Monique) Sasso, 1997-1998

Mrs. Antonio (Monique) Sasso, 1997-1998

Ms. Ellie Procacci, 1999-2000

Mrs. Francis (Natalie) Guibleo, 2000-2001