Middlesex Lodge has been honored by having some of its members elected to higher positions.

They are:

  • Richard Pachucki, Past State President
  • Joseph Jiardullo, Past District Deputy
  • Bernard McMenamin, Past District Deputy
  • Dr. Louis Barile, Past District Deputy
  • Gennaro Memolo, Past District Deputy
  • Donald Crowe, Past District Deputy
  • James B. Green, Jr., Past District Deputy
  • Joseph W. DeScenza, Past District Deputy
  • Tom Valente, Past District Deputy
  • Lisa Sharp, Vice President, Past Vice President

In the Lodge Year 1997-1998, our Youth Activities Brochure which depicted our Lodge’s involvement and activities associated with the youth of the community won first place in the State of New Jersey. It subsequently won first place in the country at the Grand Lodge National Convention in Reno, Nevada.

State Appointments

  • Richard Pachucki, Grand Lodge Chairman of the Lodge Activities State Associations Committee
  • Thomas Valente, Chairman, Region 1, Elks National Foundation

Elks of the Year

Annually, a member of The Lodge is recognized for his/her outstanding contributions on committees and/or any activities conducted by The Lodge. The past and current “Elk of the Year” are listed below:

Joseph Jairdullo, PDD 1965-66

Thomas Stevens, PER 1966-67

John Morse 1967-68

Donald Benz 1968-69

Edward Plock, PER 1969-70

Charles Flaig 1970-71

Louis Barile, Sr. 1971-72

Edgard Antoine 1972-73

Leo Miller 1973-74

Albert Krunkosky 1974-75

Joseph Esola 1975-76

Joseph Procacci 1976-77

Edward Wallace 1977-78

John Scull 1978-79

Joseph Zuccarelli 1979-80

Lawrence Neal 1980-81

Frank Palazzi, PER 1981-82

Louis Bouono 1982-83

William Healey 1983-84

Robert Wolff 1984-85

Bruce Perone 1985-86

Joseph DeScenza, PDD 1986-87

Jack Phillips 1987-88

Bart Fellin, PER 1988-89

Charles Morgan 1989-90

John Mansfield 1990-91

Raymond Clarke 1991-92

Wally Stepko 1992-93

Mark D. Martens 1993-94

Scott Still, PER 1994-95

Joseph Giacobbe, PER 1995-96

Tony Sasso 1996-97

Richard Pachucki, PGI 1997-98

Thomas Sleph 1998-99

George Reynolds 1999-00

Kenneth Burd 2000-01

Lena Memolo 2001-02

James B. Green, SR, PDD 20002-03

Arthur L. Herner, PER 2003-04

Monique Sasso 2004-05

Bob Canavan 2005-06

Thomas Valente 2006-07

Doug Buro 2007-08

Bill Sharp 2008-09

John David Thul 2009-10

John Fernandez, PER 2010-11

Justina Buro 2011-12

Linda Fernandez 2012-13

Deborah Lahaski 2013-14

Betty Valente 2014-15

Carol Henryk, PER 2015-16

Nadine Pietrowski 2016-17

Phil Wolf 2017-18

Christine DiNizo 2018-19

Vincent Lella 2019-20

Laura Meixner 2020-21